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November 13, 2010
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Paper Children 5 : The Deca by KalaSathinee Paper Children 5 : The Deca by KalaSathinee
The Deca-- for those who don't know-- was the Doctor's group of friends at Prydon Academy.

Top row, left to right: Drax, Vansell, Jelpax, Mortimus (the Monk), Rallon (possessed by the Celestial Toymaker), Millennia.
Bottom row, left to right: Magnus (the War Chief), Ushas (the Rani), Koschei (the Master), Theta (the Doctor).

And I almost forgot.... The inspiration for these robes came from :iconsarcastically-yours:'s sketch of Theta, Koschei, Ushas, and Drax. I'd looked at all the different designs artists had come up with, cause I didn't even know where to start. There were some I really liked, but they were different for girls and boys, and I didn't imagine the Time Lords doing that. Then I found that drawing, and it sparked a design.

Doctor Who copyright to the BBC. Art copyright to me.
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Mcra Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
very good job
xovertherainbowx Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Nice to see some little Time Lords and Ladies! I have never heard of most of them, where did they come from?
KalaSathinee Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Well, Drax appeared in the Tom Baker episode 'The Armageddon Factor', Magnus appeared in the Troughton episode 'The War Games' as the War Cheif, Mortimus appeared in the Hartnell episode 'The Time Meddler', and the rest are from various audiobooks and novels. The only one I remember for sure is 'Divided Loyalties' which had Rallon and Millennia in it.
xovertherainbowx Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Awesome, thanks!
NikitaDarkstar Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
So here's a few more reasons for me to finish the classic seasons so I can pick up the books.... Cause I totally want to find out more about this lot. :)
seriousjokerfan Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
*squees* this is fantastically adorbs!
GallifreyanGeek Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
Aww <3 Little time lords and ladies are adorkable! Drax and Vansell crack me up xD
KalaSathinee Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I'd asked my sister what sorts of things students in hallways do. I was drawing a blank. At first I'd tossed aside "bopping to Ipods" as 'un-Time Lord', but for Drax and Vansell, it seemed appropriate.
GallifreyanGeek Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
Glad you came to that decision :D
optical-jackson Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Student Writer
Ushas makes me smile. :3 As does Rallon.
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